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location: Pri Strelnici, Bratislava, Slovakia; project type: interior design, reconstruction; project year: 2018; investor: Internorma s.r.o.; designed area: 1 094.1 ft² / 15 084.0 m²; realization:  2019

internorma showroom
slovak university of technology 

In the product portfolio of Internorma Company we can find  windows, doors, garage doors, shading equipment and accessories. The showrooms of this brand are characterized by a distinctive use of elements that are determined by design manual. However, space is limited in ceiling height and its ground plan area is also modest. Therefore, the investor decided to abandon the prescribed design manual and entrust the design of the showroom to the imagination of the architect.

The main requirements for the reconstruction of the showroom included the creation of 4 workstations for employees, space saving and creating enough storage space. An important requirement was also the creation of a place to present samples of doors and windows. Therefore, in the proposal I set out to meet these requirements as much as possible and to offer investors additional benefits of a rationally designed disposition. I divided the solution into 3 zones:

a. Entrance zone
Zone is dominated by a long white built-in cupboard, which runs along the entire left side of the floor plan and forms the boundary between representative space and workstations.

As a work of art, samples of wood in various colours are presented here. The countertop in the same white color and material provides two workstations and space to communicate with at least four customers at a time. The entrance zone and the meeting room are separated by a cabinet with integrated pull-out frames, in which 11 pieces of doors and windows are placed. Floor is wooden in light brown. As far as the color is concerned, the interior is dominated by white with accented red elements.


b. Meeting room

In the conference room you can find a glass round table with five comfortable design chairs in dark green. The back of the sample cabinet is lined with a ceramic finish with a marble-like decor, the floor and stowage space are made of dark wood. 


c. Working room

In this room, I focused on creating enough storage space. I created two workplaces here and a kitchenette with a fridge, for staff to prepare a simple snack.

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