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location: School street, Hran, Slovakia; project type: renovation, diploma thesis; project year: 2017; land area: 9 800.0 ft² / 2 987.0 m²; built-up area: 8 121.3 ft² / 754.5 m²; floor area: 80 12.6 ft² / 744.4 m²

kindergarten - diploma thesis
slovak university of technology 2017

The diploma project "Kindergarten_2020" is dedicated to the issue of kindergarten, located mainly in a rural environment. It deals with the use of buildings characterized as pre-school facilities in this environment, by children from the catchment area of surrounding municipalities.

The diploma thesis assignment elaboration was based on the study of the literature, which had provided the ideas and methods for elaboration of the specific project assignment. The draft was preceded by research on the typology of designing pre-school facilities, the child ́s psychology and his ties to home and the study of various types of playgrounds, children ́s gardens and games.


As part of the diploma project, I dealt with the design of a new kindergarten in the rural hamlet Hraň and the land belonging to it. Within my proposal I try to present a timeless approach towards designing of the architecture in a conservative environment of the eastern Slovakian village, which is also reflecting aesthetics, utility and it takes into consideration psyche of a child in pre-school age as well.

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