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location: Street to Senec, Bratislava, Slovakia; project type: urban study, investment outlook; project year: 2018; land area: 1.72.2x10^6 ft² / 160 000.0 m2; built-up area:  141 050.2 ft² / 13 104.0 m²; 

cultural and sports center
urban study
atyp interior spol., s.r.o.

The purpose of this investment outlook is to implement functions to this territory, that will comply with the Urban Spatial Regulation and at the same time they will be open all year round. The main idea of the investor was to build a closed area with a bio-swimming pool located in the center of the land. The proposed functional content will support the site attendance due to sport, culture and recreation.

Two access roads lead to the area. The road along the beach is primarily intended solely for the use of residents and apartment owners. The road from the eastern side, lining the occasional parking on the grass, will lead you to the one of the main entrances.

The area is notionally divided into 3 zones.

The first zone is located in the north. Within this section, one of the two main entrances to the territory is placed. The development, appearing in the first zone, is mostly 2-storey. In the northern part mostly service functions, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and administration are located.

In the accented corner of this development we propose to place fitness, wellness and bowling bar. The area lining the beach in the west contains restaurants and bars, some accessible from the inside of the area to its visitors,  other  from the beach for holidaymakers from Golden Sands. Part of this zone is an amphitheater with scattering area and its own facilities. Thanks to the deployment of functions, it is possible to organize cultural events here.


The second zone closes the area from the south. It is dominated by a shipyard with a lighthouse and a fishing restaurant overlooking the water and the beach. In the east of the zone is located second entrance to the area. In the eastern development is located retail, sports equipment rental, rental of tennis and volleyball courts. On the inside there are snack bars and restaurants with covered terraces.


Along the beach in the third zone there is a scattered development of apartments of various character. We propose to separate this zone from the Cultural and Sports Center Golden Sands.

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